I Quit Netflix

I signed up for a Netflix account because the idea of having access to so many movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere was too difficult to resist. But Netflix culture really wasn’t for me—I’m not a binge-watcher and am very picky about what I watch. Still, I kept my Netflix account in case I feel any desire to watch something.

I wanted to cancel my membership sometime around March this year. A big factor for that is the limited number of movies available that I have access to. But around that time, a large number of movies that belong to the Disney catalogue made its way to Netflix Philippines. Naturally, I kept my account (and celebrated by watching one Disney film a day—I tried to binge-watch, but it really ain’t for me!).

But now that I’m back in my daily grind as a teacher, I am once again short of time from truly maximizing what I pay for my Netflix account. At the same time, I want to save the few pesos I pay monthly for it.

It has been three weeks since and I’m still okay, so I’m pretty sure I can go months without it. Will I reactivate my membership? Probably during Christmas break. After all, I do love watching cheesy holiday-themed movies when the time permits…

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