Beginning My Journey to Minimalism

Hi, I’m Gen. I’m 25 years old and I’ve recently made a choice to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Welcome to Minimalism Journal. Here, I will be writing entries as a way to track my process as I make my transition into living minimally. For my first entry, I want to disclose a few information to establish what you can expect should you decide to stick with me through my journey (which I wish you will!).

My kind of minimalism

I personally define minimalism as a lifestyle that invites me to live a life free from excesses and unnecessary distractions, so I can live my life more meaningfully. It’s about owning only what is enough, or only those things that add value to my life. It’s an examination of my ideals, a commitment to a lifestyle of making conscious decisions about consumption every now and then.

Why I chose to be a minimalist

One day late this April, I just had this nagging urge to declutter my room—specifically, purge my book collection. I couldn’t even put my finger as to why. I just know that I felt suffocated by the clutter I’ve apparently accumulated over the years and wanted to free up some space in my room so I could also free up some space in my mind. And I thought that’s all there is to this.

Well, that was until I came across this little note I typed on my phone earlier that month:

It has been a year since the fire. We were fortunately spared from it, but our house was really *thisclose* from being burned down. I honestly am still scarred from that event. I have become a bit paranoid. I sometimes get nightmares that it would happen again, and I can't bear being away from home for too long out of fear that I might come home to ashes instead. But the important thing is that we were spared. We were safe, and we continue to keep ourselves safe. The nightmares may not leave me soon, but at least I am always awoken from it knowing and thankful that I still have this home.

I don’t think I have fully admitted to anyone how deeply affected I was by that incident—maybe because I find it too embarrassing to admit. After all, my family is unscathed and our house remains to be standing where it is at. But that moment made me unconsciously realign my ideals and focus my energy to what truly matters to me.

I have also developed a habit of meditating this summer. And it was through meditation that I’ve discovered that I was also seeking a minimalist lifestyle as a reprieve from my professional life.

I’m a teacher. And there’s something so fundamentally ironic about being a teacher and being a minimalist at the same time. Being a teacher means dealing with several tasks and responsibilities, being overwhelmed with expectations, juggling piles of papers, etc. The life of a teacher is, simply put, full of clutter. This time around, I want to be even more serious and conscious about living an organized, clutter-free life.

Nope, I’m not trying to convert you to be a minimalist

Needless to say, minimalism isn’t for everyone. It just so happens that the movement fits very well to my personality and the circumstances I am currently in. However, trying out some minimalist practices can bring some benefits—for you, others, or maybe even the environment!

And nope, I’m not going to quit my full-time job to sell my possessions in pursuit of true happiness

You probably have already heard of millennials who overcame their quarter life crisis by quitting their full-time job after years of climbing the corporate ladder and earning six-figure salaries to look for the true meaning of happiness. Well, I’m not privileged enough to do that.

Real talk: there is also an underlying financial reason as to why I chose to be a minimalist. I’ve recently become more aware and hence grown to be disgusted of my spending habits. Because of certain frustrations I’ve encountered in my early twenties, I allowed myself to succumb to the illusion that material things are equivalent to happiness. Don’t get me wrong—there are things that you can buy that can lead you to happiness, but only if those things can really add value to your life. I just personally received my rude awakening that I need to control my spending and be more serious about saving.

It does not mean that I am completely rejecting luxury, or look down on people who spend so much. If designer clothes make you truly happy, if craft coffee brings value to your life—by all means, have at it. I admittedly also still indulge myself with a few tiny luxuries (mostly in the form of allowing myself to keep my complete Funko POP collection—I do not have the heart to purge them at all). All I’m saying is, I have simply committed myself to a lifestyle where I am called to be more conscious of where I’m putting my hard-earned cash at.

What’s next?

These days, I do my Daily Dose of Decluttering—small steps towards a minimalist life. Right now, I am slowly letting go of piles of papers I’ve allowed to sit in my room to collect dust. I have to look away as I shred some really memorable college papers!

I’m also almost done rehoming my books. I’m also planning to do a Digital Downsizing, but I’ll be taking baby steps.

And of course, I will chronicle my journey to minimalism through this blog! And I hope you join me in my journey to minimalism, even just through stopping by.

Hope to see you again in my next entry! 😊

3 thoughts on “Beginning My Journey to Minimalism

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    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my family and I (and our dogs, hehe) are doing well! I came across your blog and was fascinated to see that a fellow teacher in the PH is also taking steps towards living more consciously! Hope there will be more of us 😊

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